Roller-Rail Linear
     Ways for X/Y/Z Axes



High Rigidity Structure Design

Synchronously adopt the European & Japanese design

  • Wide-span rigid column
  • Adopt Japan-made NSK extra-large 35mm precise roller-type linear guide way
  • X/Y/Z axis adopt high specification direct driven motor and high rigid coupling
  • High quality fully enclosed splash guard. Elegant appearance, well-executed and in
    good taste.

Extra-large X/Y axis motor

Extra-large Z axis motor
 Extra-large Z axis motor

High reliable and high accuracy ballscrew design
 ø40mm high class double nut provides strong rigidity, high torque, better accuracy, long-life,and effectively heat extension control.

Extra Wide door design
 The width of door reaches 850mm for conveniently loading and unloading the fixture and workpiece.

Stable air supply equipment
 The gas storage barrel assists to acquire steady air source to increase equipment utility rate.

Unique Column Design
  • Wide-span column
  • X-shaped cross rib package column structure

  • Integrated ATC support interface Block

Cutting Capability
  • Workpiece Material:A6061 T6
  • Spindle Speed:15,000rpm
  • Cutting Feedrate:30,000mm/min.
  • Cutter:ø12 × 3Flutes End Mill for Aluminum
  • Depth of cut:12 mm
  • Width of cut:1.8 mm

  • Workpiece Material:Ti6Al4V
  • Spindle Speed:3,000rpm
  • Cutting Feedrate:2,100mm/min.
  • Cutter:ø12 × 4Flutes End Mill
  • Depth of cut:18 mm
  • Width of cut: 0.857 mm

  • Workpiece Material:P20
  • Spindle Speed:8,000rpm
  • Cutting Feedrate:10,000mm/min.
  • Cutter:ø12 × 4Flutes End mill
  • Depth of cut:24 mm
  • Width of cut:0.8 mm

  • Workpiece Material:SUS420
  • Spindle Speed:4,800rpm
  • Cutting Feedrate:3,200mm/min.
  • Cutter:ø12 × 4Flutes End Mill
  • Depth of cut:12 mm
  • Width of cut:1.8 mm

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